The Complete Backyard Nature Activity Book for Kids, Part I

In 1998 I wrote and illustrated a book called The Complete Backyard Nature Activity Book for Kids. There was a subtitle, too, equally as long. Originally it was called Going Wild! but the editor thought that title could be misleading. Editors are smart about these things; that’s one reason I love them.

McGraw Hill’s Learning Triangle Press published the book and it did pretty well. And, as most books do, it eventually went out of print. And, as authors should always do, I got the rights back. I made plans for a revision and reissue but waited a few years.

Since the topic of naturescaping for wildlife has become even more popular, now seemed like a good time. So, I spent the last couple of days scanning all the illustrations and reformatting them for an ebook. There aren’t that many illustrated nonfiction ebooks out there for kids yet, so I decided to give this avenue a try before I put together a new print edition.

Here’s one of my favorite illustrations, and to note, I had to fight to have bats included in my book:

Now I need to figure out which ebook company to try this time! I published an ebook edition of Building a Small Cable Suspension Bridge via Amazon’s Kindle site, and sales have been dismal. I’ve tried uTales for two of my picture books, and that hasn’t gone well either.

Smashwords seemed promising, since they claim to distribute (if your book is approved) to many outlets other than Amazon and your book will work on every device including those not yet invented. And there is Bookbaby, which I’ve subscribed to but haven’t made the time to really understand what it is they do.

So rewriting the book and scanning and formatting about 85 illustrations was the fun part! Now I have homework. I’ll let you know what I find out in Part II. And if you have some ideas, I’d be pleased to hear them!

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  1. No suggestions from me. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your results, so I can walk on your path. Easier than forging the road 😉

  2. Denise lynch says:

    O.k. Now I’m understanding what you are doing, that’s a great book for that, I would think!

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