A New Venture in Digital Publishing!

I’ve been testing the waters here and there, and finally scanned and uploaded two of my out-of-print picture books to uTales! “uTales.com is a tribute to the beauty of storytelling and how it magically can engage, inspire and educate kids. We are changing the rules of traditional picture book publishing by letting digital stories come to life through a growing community of professional authors and illustrators. In this community we believe in creativity, we focus on quality, and we strive to bring the most engaging reading experiences to kids everywhere.”

uTales authors and illustrators have the option to donate part of their income to a worldwide educational charity called Pencils of Promise. “Pencils of Promise builds schools in the developing world and trains young leaders to take action at home and abroad. Since founding in October 2008, PoP has broken ground on over 30 schools and catalyzed a movement of over 200,000 supporters. The partnership with uTales is one that will help the organization build more schools for those in need, and inspire countless authors and readers to use their commitment to education to help others.”

I am delighted to be part of this amazing publishing effort. With so many going into the digital book business, it’s nice to find a few companies that are making the effort to promote and encourage quality content while supporting a worthwhile pro-reading charitable effort!

Please join me in the uTales community. Right now you can get a 15-day free trial, longer if your friends join, and you can see my books as virtual page-turners! You can of course see other terrific titles. I’ve been picking out my favorites for weeks and giving them lots of stars. If you click on the links under the cover photos below, you’ll find my books. You can see a preview, then you can join and start sharing books with your little ones via your computer or your iPod or iPad. Tell them Robin sent you! πŸ™‚

Pussycat Ate the Dumplings – Cat Rhymes from Mother Goose

I See Something You Don’t See – A Riddle-me Picture Book

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris de Boinville says:

    Dear Robin,

    Pencils of Promise sounds like a tremendous project!! I remember how a
    very good friend of ours (from our cohousing planning) days was asked
    to babysit the community young folks. Being a librarian herself, she took
    them all to the library, and got them all library cards!! It was such a
    TERRIFIC idea, and plan!! We are truly blessed that Luke reads as
    voraciously as he does!!
    We have many small folk in the family, and will definitely encourage
    them and their families to become involved in reading and buying
    your books, and learning more about how to be involved with
    Pencils of Promise.
    All our love always,
    –Chris and Amy (and Luke)

  2. fyodorevsk says:

    I love the LAWDFEs πŸ™‚

    1. robink336 says:

      Thanks Anagram Man! πŸ™‚

  3. Lisa Nowak says:

    Congratulations! I love those cats. They’re so darned cute.

    1. Robin says:

      Thanks Lisa! I had great fun illustrating those poems, especially the more obscure ones like “My pussycat has got the gout, so the rats and mice can play about.”

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