Wrapping Up a Project

But how do you know when you are finished with an illustrated project, especially when the deadline is still out there?

Changing with the times – how I stayed published.

This piece is from the May 2006 issue of our local electrical coop’s Ruralite Magazine. I interviewed myself actually, and was very easy to talk to. I also took the photos, hence the cut off head. The gist of the interview was how we creative types struggle in our careers. Getting published doesn’t mean we’ll…

Evolving Stories

How does a story evolve? aka Where do you get your ideas? We’ve heard lots of answers, and they all sound pretty convincing. However I think the honest answer from most authors and illustrators (and perhaps the other creative sorts) is that we really have no idea where ideas come from. For me, the only…

More about bats.

I worked with the third spread for my book idea about opposites and this is how far I got. Lots of tweaking yet to go, but it’s so fun to carve out some time to illustrate. Now it’s time to get back to writing. I’ve put one client off for three weeks, so I better…

Updated Portfolio for Spring 2015

I deleted a few pieces and added a few pieces, so now my design portfolio is all about collage. As soon as time opens up, I’m going to start working in scratch board. Just call me an old dog that loves new tricks! Here’s the link to my portfolio.