Chirp All About It! Publishing News!


As it has for millions of people, the pandemic has had a big impact on my working routine. When not plugging away on contracted projects, I would normally be brainstorming new ideas, researching markets, and submitting finished projects.

With the country pretty much shut down, there wasn’t much point in all of that. Since I’m fortunate enough to be semi-retired anyway, I spent my usual working time sewing, messing about in the greenhouse, and doing a lot of yard projects I normally wouldn’t have time to do. But, I did submit one picture book to an editor I used to work with, after noting that her new book publishing company was starting to publish picture books.

And today I’m delighted to announce that BeaLu Books will publish Chirp! (a temporary title) in the not so distant future! The story introduces kids to bird song via onomatopoetic poetry. This book is particularly special to me because I’ve been a bird nerd for as long as I’ve had a thought in my head. I marveled at them, stalked them, drew pictures of them, and even rescued a few. As an adult I realized that for a lot of kids, birds are the first animals they ever see in the wild, so I wrote this story as an introduction to 23 common bird species in North America. Of course I am delighted, tickled, and all that other stuff, that this book will be published.

Screech owl and her owlet in a nest box on the Funny Farm

I have until November to get the illustrations completed, so it looks like the Funny Farm may not get quite as much attention as it has been getting in recent weeks.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Barbara Rippey says:

    Looking forward to sharing with grandkids. Della will be especially interested ❤️ Congratulations!

  2. So happy to hear this wonderful news, Robin! Congratulations on your upcoming book on a topic that will DELIGHT kids, honors the Pacific NW and comes from your heart. BRAVO!

  3. Linda Moore Kurth says:

    Congratulations! What a great idea!

  4. Denise says:

    Congrats that is great news. You will be busy!

    1. Robin Koontz says:

      Thanks, Barb, same to you!

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