Leap into Literacy! A Printable Poster

Someone asked about buying a printable copy of this painting I did in 1991, called “Leap into Literacy.” It was a winning entry in a poster contest and also my promo piece back when we mailed things like this to editors and art directors. This is what it looks like. Since WordPress reduces file size, I put the original on Flickr.


I realize there are a few unscrupulous people who will see nothing wrong with taking this printable image, obliterating my tiny little signature, and doing whatever they want with it. And others, in all innocence, will copy and share it minus my little humble credit. That bothers me a lot, and people who know me on Facebook know it’s a personal quest to get people to stop sharing cartoons and other copyrighted art where the owner’s name has been cut off or obliterated. See my blog about that if you like: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

So here you go, a free poster or other something to print out by the not -very-famous but generous author and illustrator Robin Koontz. Share it with your students and kids. Hang it in your bathroom. Make greeting cards and sell them on Etsy (and later be avenged by Karma). But please leave my little tiny signature on it and tell people who love it to maybe go buy my books. Thank you, and Happy New Year!

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