Book Design Portfolio

Recently I’ve been doing some design work for a fellow author – a book cover, interior graphics and design, and a bookmark. The project reminded me that I like doing this kind of thing! Maybe someone else will hire me? So I found one lead and they wanted a “design portfolio.” I created one and you can view it by bonking on this link and downloading or viewing using Adobe Reader:

Robin’s Design Portfolio

Feedback is welcome. Meanwhile the summer has otherwise been about finishing up a huge (for me) book project called What Was Hurricane Katrina? This was originally part of a series proposal about engineering disasters – in this case, the New Orleans levee system – but the publisher preferred it to be more about the devastating aftermath of the most destructive (expensive) hurricane in U.S. history. Suffice it to say, it was very depressing to research. Now I’m working on a new book about fun things to do in Missouri and futzing with a picture book idea that keeps nagging at me to figure out.

Happy fall! Here’s our new family member Shinny helping me draw.


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