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So today I was out and about, doing mundane chores I’d been putting off for a few years…seriously. One was getting my birth date fixed at the Social Security office. Another errand was getting my favorite watch fixed. I bought the watch because the band is made of cast silver that depicts little stories. I call it my story watch. It seemed to be the theme for the day.


There was a security cop at the Social Security office. The cop was not that interesting, but his character will stick in my mind as the quintessential security cop if I ever need one. He asked if I had a “gun, knife, sharp tool, box cutter, mace, pepper spray, fireworks, razor, or cellphone.” I had to admit that I had a cellphone, not that I know how to use it to cause harm other than talking loudly on it in a restaurant, but turns out he just wanted me to turn off the ringer. Whew.

The jewelry store gave me another memorable character, maybe even an entire novel. A visibly pregnant gal pushed a cart into the area where a few of us were waiting around, and apologized for making everyone move. Inside the cart was a large fruit pie of some kind and a giant purse. This was one of those “we have it all but we’re not Walmart” stores. Anyway she told the jewelry clerk that she wanted to have her wedding set cleaned, and um, also find out what it was worth. The clerk checked out the wedding ring. She gently offered that it didn’t appear to be gold and the gal said that’s funny, her husband said it might turn her finger green but she thought he was kidding!

He wasn’t kidding, it wasn’t gold. Then the clerk checked out the big bling engagement ring. More bad news: the bling was glass and the ring was un-cleanable without causing damage to the metal, that again wasn’t gold, but at least it was silver with gold plate! The girl thanked her and left with her big fruit pie in a cart while the clerk said after her, “I’m sorry about the bad news!”

We sort of chuckled that the husband would probably get the couch for a while and the guy fixing my watch said he’d be surprised if the guy was allowed that far inside the house for a very long time. But we were all sad for this young kid. She was pregnant and starting her new life with a liar.

There were other overheard and shared stories today, making for a fun few hours of mundane chores that took place far outside my usual safety zone. But I’ll be thinking of the pregnant girl with the fruit pie in her cart and worthless wedding rings, and will always wonder what happened next.

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  1. macrush53 says:

    A Navajo story teller’s watch. Way cool. Glad to hear that my husband isn’t the only person who has the wrong birthday listed on his social security.’

  2. Sybilla Cook says:

    I love these casual stories! thanks…poor thing.

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