We get by with a little help from our blogs

I follow four blogs, and also read a variety of posts I run across or that people recommend. I’d subscribe to more, but it is too easy to read that stuff all day rather than get to the work at hand. Like other freelancers, I’m often working on speculative projects with only a self-imposed goal to meet. The discipline to finish something with no real deadline isn’t easy, so time-sucking distractions must be avoided.

Thanks to http://www.visualeducationforall.com for permission to post this image

This camel hints at one of two huge proposals I finished and submitted this month. Neither project has a contract and may never get one. Writers and illustrators generally don’t get a job without some advance work. We prospect for jobs and submit speculative projects. Illustrators create new art and send new samples. We offer up book and article ideas. Today, I submitted a revised storyboard for a picture book that was requested by an editor, knowing that in reality, some projects sell, and some don’t. But we keep working, and keep submitting.

So, as for taking a break for blogs, once in a while, a real gem appears, at just the right time. A dear friend mentioned her daughter’s blog as we messaged about our daily challenges as writers/illustrators. I checked it out, and am now a follower. Here’s what Rudy wrote recently that brightened up an otherwise somewhat dismal week, and she wasn’t having a great time, either:

“At the end of the day I think it has to do with less worrying and more doing. Just play and keep playing. Don’t worry so much about the scoreboard, the ranking, the shoulds, coulds, and woulds. Instead, focus on the now and don’t lose sight of why you’re in the game to begin with. Keep your eye on the ball. These are the reminders I need to keep telling myself. With my pencil in hand, game on!”

This lovely person is about half my age, and as we have learned about each new generation, she is already smarter about life than we were then. And in many ways, smarter than we are now. You can see for yourself. Check out Cup of Cosmos. Maybe you will like it, too.

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  1. Shez says:

    Perfect words to wake up to this morning. Thanks for posting. You are right on the not doing “time-suck” activities. I look forward too your posts. 😀

    1. Robin Koontz says:

      Thanks Shez – be sure to check out Rudy’s blog (if you have time!).

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