Spacing out in our space

A friend asked his artist friends to share photos of their work spaces for a presentation he was working on. When I sent him mine, his comment was, “I love ugly offices.” That’s what I have. My office is situated in a dilapidated mobile home across the road from my house. We call the old place the WTB&B, and I won’t spell that out for you because some might find it offensive.

There is plenty of room here for me to write and illustrate, sometimes simultaneously. The photo shows a laptop on the left that is displaying a manuscript and an ancient iMac with two monitors set up for art along with the artist’s tablet. The large table to the right is for live painting and drawing and the scanner is ready to scan paintings that are incorporated into the digital art projects. Elmo watches over it all.

Some artists need a workspace that inspires their inner workings. They are surrounded by external stimuli, and may have a special chair, a favorite pen, the right music playing. Some even demand total silence while they work, good luck with that. But others, like me, usually live inside our heads, so the external hoopla doesn’t affect us much one way or the other as long as the brain cells are working. If we get distracted by the world outside, it’s because we may need to take a break, or maybe, focus harder.

Or maybe there’s a fire. Knowing how zoned out I get while working on a project, I sometimes wonder if I’d notice.

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  1. Denise says:

    Love your office this is great article, and your office is fun!

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