Restoring Old Stuff

What Do They Dream? is one my ideas that’s been rejected by a small number of publishers, most 4-5 years ago. Several rejections were very nice, just “too many dream books.” So after filing it away for a few years, I decided to try to make the text more unique, and continue working on collage illustrations. Here’s the answer to the question posed on the previous page, “What does a pig dream while he snores in the mud?”


In this illustration, the top left is an original paper cut-out collage which was the way I began doing collage. The other two images were created with the same paper only this time “glued” using Adobe Illustrator. There is a way I can emulate shadow (as cut-out paper tends to do) but I’m not sure I want that effect. Anyway, I’m learning as I go, as usual, and accumulating a few boxes of painted paper bits. I suspect if one closely studied a collection of Eric Carle or Lois Lowry books, they might spot the same patterned paper in more than one book. Artists tend to be frugal (and in my case, somewhat lazy). For example, the green in the potato leaves is the same green used for the leaves for my walking stick in another book. Busted!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. mfearing says:

    Frugal, lazy, tired, perfect?
    I tend to go back to certain textures in my digital work because I like them. I think they are perfect. Especially a few scans I did of scribbled-on old wallpaper. At least that’s why I thought I kept using them!

  2. Denise lynch says:

    This. Is wonderful and alot of work.

    1. Robin Koontz says:

      Thanks De! It’s always fun to get positive reactions to our creations.

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