Sharing Our Stuff

Some of us are old enough to remember what a lonely job this is: creating stuff while sitting in a dark attic using a single candle for light. The family occasionally tossed up a bone and told us to sell something soon or we’d all starve to death. We’d send off our latest brainstorm in a 9×12 envelope (made of goatskin which we dried and glued with rotten fish and horse hooves), hoping somebody would eventually open it up and at least, return it with a form letter attached to our SAPP (self addressed passenger pigeon).

There is usually no need for SAPP or SASE because these days, no answer (after 3-6 months) means *no* and most submissions are submitted via email anyway. It’s a little depressing to never hear a word about our work if we remember the days when that pigeon arrived at our attic window with a “Too slight, but good luck” message, but it’s the only way editors can continue to look at the slush pile during an era of smaller staffing and boatloads of submissions. The upside is that there are lots of editors who believe that somewhere there is a gem in that gigantic pile. But knowing all that doesn’t help when there are cricket sounds coming from the mailbox.

This is a color sketch from a recent picture book project that I’m developing.

So yay Facebook and whatever you might use to visit with people outside your dark attic. I chose Facebook because it was the most annoying, no, because most of the people I care about are on it, also annoyed. Aside from the annoyances, it’s great fun to post stuff and great fun to read about what stuff everyone else is doing (I only post cute kitten photos if it’s my kitten, okay?). Facebook has become a needed boost for the day, or sometimes, throughout the day. It’s not a lonely attic anymore. Thanks for liking my stuff!

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  1. Denise says:

    This was nice thanks for sharing

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