About thirteen years ago, I tried cartooning, not for the first time. I had this *great* idea to have fun with words, and also illustrate a few shaggy dog stories. If you don’t know what those are, don’t worry, nobody cares. Anyway here are four cartoons out of about fifty that I created for Word Play:


I marketed the idea to a few places and soon gave up, but had a blast creating the toons. To continue a conversation about limiting ourselves and being discouraged by the industry to try new things, this is an example of how fun it can be to create something that may not be that good, and isn’t something you usually do, but why not do it anyway? Brands are for cattle, and look what happens to them.

And, go figure, this old idea has sparked a new hopefully better one for a picture book, so I’m happy that I wasted some time doing something different. And I promise Negligent is not going in the book.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Those are very fun!!

  2. Denise lynch says:

    These are great, I remember when you did them well not the year but do remember the work. Will be fun to do the book!

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