Posted by: Robin Koontz | May 1, 2013

Sharing the Torch!

I finally finished putting together a huge presentation for a school writing festival on Friday. I got a bit nostalgic, going through all the books I’ve contributed to over a 25+ year career. Remember In a Cabin in a Wood? Probably not, but it’s still one of my favorites, because of the friendship that created it and face it, it was a terrific idea! Darcie took an old song and added verses. And, havoc, which has always been my favorite theme:



You can find this book on eBay for about 10 cents, or $700, depending on when you look. It is not available in digital format, hopefully, since we haven’t released it yet.

And here is a little book I totally forgot about and is also out of print. I recalled how I had such a good time because the editor loved how I depicted that poor mama chicken waiting for Something to Happen:


I’m looking forward to the the festival, happy that there are schools in Oregon that still celebrate books and the people who create them. Hopefully at least a few of these kids will be inspired to become book creators, too.


  1. This is a great idea for a student project, Robin! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is going to be great and I remember all these books, have fun!

  3. Robin, I’d love to see your presentation. It sounds so creative. Thanks for sending it along. Let me know how the kids reacted. I’m still working on my Young Adult novel in the Shadow of the Hyenas that takes place in Ethiopia. Your presentation is certainly a creative project. Thanks for sending it to me. Best to you and let’s keep in touch. love K.T.

  4. I have a copy of “In a Cabin in a Wood”, and $700 or not, I am not selling it. 🙂

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