Ghost Writer in the Woods!

Here is the cover for my first Boxcar book, The Mystery of the Fallen Treasure.
It was extra fun to receive this today because I happened to be working on the next one at that very moment and was totally in the Boxcar Mode.
So anyway, as you can figure out from the author’s credit, the original author is not the one writing these anymore. There is a team of writers who do their best to write fresh new stories while honoring the original premise and characters. I especially loved writing this book because these kids get to do pretty much anything they want! Would that not be cool or what? In this story, they don’t even check in with Grandfather before they pile into a small plane and fly around over Sunriver, Oregon. He’s off fishing somewhere anyway. But I did make sure they wore their seat belts.

This is actually a seed from the first children’s book I ever attempted to write, which I don’t think I ever submitted. It was really, really bad. I should have just stuck with illustration back then. But, the theme of the story was dog search and rescue which my friends were involved with. I never gave up on the idea of highlighting the amazing work dogs do for us as part of a story someday. So here it is.

I am currently circulating a nonfiction book about how animals help us and you bet SAR is in there too. But this fictional story for young middle grade readers also honors our canine heros. I put the amazing Watch, the Boxcar children’s adopted dog, in SAR training and got the chance to talk about what it’s all about. And of course, Watch is an instant master at it and as you can see, uncovers a fallen treasure.

So a little idea makes it into a book at last. I heard a writer recently mention that she will save a sentence she loves from a tossed out manuscript and eventually put it in a book. Ayup. That’s how it goes sometimes.

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  1. Denise says:

    This is so cool I love the cover!

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