What was so funny?

In the continuing quest to organize and box up 36+ years worth of stuff for the big move (across the road, but it’s still a big move!) I’ve had fun going through hundreds of photos. This one was a slide that took the photo place (they still exist!) about three weeks to process into a print. It was worth the wait!


This is my BFF and I sprawling across the top of our Ride, which was my 1966 SAAB that I traded a guitar and $300 for in 1971. That car was very fun. It required that the gas and oil be combined in the gas tank, which made for interesting arguments at the gas station. I remember telling one smart-guy that he needed to jump up and down on the back bumper to make sure everything mixed properly.

We named the car Kimo-Saabi and a bunch of us had some wild rides on the beaches in Virginia and Maryland. We wore out the brakes to the point that we needed to take a different route home from school that didn’t involve going down a hill. Kimo also lost 1st gear somehow so we renamed her Gypsy Rose Lee because she … wait, what? Take the car to a mechanic? I could barely afford the 30 cents a gallon for gas and the additional quarter for the quart of oil every time we filled up!

Anyway, they were great times, and I remember most of them pretty well. I would prefer forgetting a few of those memories while many others are great story seeds. But I can’t remember what was so freeking funny that day!

But hey, my friend and I laughed so much over pretty much nothing for so many years, I guess it doesn’t matter what it was about that particular moment. It’s just a thing that friends do. Makes me laugh again just looking at it.

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  1. Denise says:

    Great pic, and lots of fun, memories never forgotton.

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