Sisterly Revenge

I spent much of the last few weeks researching and writing two social studies books that deal somewhat with family history. In the process, I realized that my family, at least the Mullins side, is lucky that we have had so much oral history passed down to us. The story I just posted about Virginia Corder Mullins and her son Jim Henry is a heart-breaker and apparently mostly true.

Here’s another story about Virginia: She was smitten with a man named John Phillips, as was her sister, Mary Elizabeth. We don’t know exactly what all happened, we only know that Mary was the one who married James, and Virginia married our great grandfather, Josephus Neilly Mullins.

But when we visited the cemetery to visit our ancestors, my cousin and I noticed something odd about Mary Elizabeth’s marker…
That’s a Virginia Creeper crawling over Mary Elizabeth’s gravestone, slowly covering up the inscription that says her sister stole her boyfriend!

Okay maybe that’s a stretch, but it’s fun to think about our people from long ago and what went on during their lives.

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  1. Denise Lynch says:

    Another great one keep them going!

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