Amazing Animal Skills series book trailer

Happy twenty thirteen everyone, aka two thousand thirteen, aka two oh one three! I can’t decide. But I am staying busy working on new nonfiction and fiction projects and lending a hand (and a lot of unasked-for-advice) to our house project. Oh hey, recently we’ve had a few friends who have never built a house by themselves comment “Wow, you should be moving in by spring!” And we say, “Er, what year are you talking about?”

Meanwhile, did all six followers of this blog watch the book trailer I put together for the Amazing Animal Skills series of books? I honestly thought that I posted this link before, but I can’t find it, so here it is, possibly again, so call it a rerun: Series Trailer for Amazing Animal Skills
Leaps and Creeps

One of the books in the series, Leaps and Creeps, How Animals Move to Survive, was one of four finalists for the Animal Behavior Society’s Children’s Book Award for 2012, so that was a cool way to end the year. Here’s the link about that: ABS Award Info

I had such a blast working on the Amazing Animal Skills books and hope to do lots more like them. While I researched and created the proposal for the series and later wrote and revised the final manuscripts and worked on the galleys, I was always thinking about that bored kid. You know the one, sitting in the back of the classroom, looking out the window and fidgeting. I was there once, watching the clock, ready to get outta there (thank you very much Dick and Jane and snore-alert text books of the 1960s). Writers: give kids something really cool, current and even controversial, and they’ll want to read it! Talk to them not down to them. Share your excitement about your subject instead of just presenting the facts and figures. While as authors of children’s books we have to stay within certain word counts and reading levels, we have the opportunity to present enough information in such a fun way that the bored kid in the back of the classroom, the book hater, will want to read your book.

So, that’s my 2013 goal: write books that book haters will want to read.

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  1. Shez says:

    I like your goal. I’m joining you on this one!! Here’s to 2013!! 😀

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