NaNoWriMo 2012: The Shorter Version

Last year I decided to take a stab at National Novel Writing Month, a contest that awards writers who can churn out 50,000 words in 30 days. While most of my books are less than 5,000 words, I had been wanting to dive back into middle-grade fiction, and had an idea that had been stewing for about 30 years. I wrote Hot Walker and wound up with about 32,000 words.

Recently I was asked to revise a younger middle grade novel. It’s done, but a series was a possibility, so I decided to dedicate this year’s NaNoWriMo to writing two drafts for those stories. The goal is about 30,000 words for both manuscripts. I started tonight and so far, am on track! The dishes are done, too.

Meanwhile, if you check out the right side of this blog, there’s a NaNoWidget. The problem is this: the little widgie will show light green through light red when I am above or below the (their 50K) goal for the day; bold green and red are reserved for days where I do “exceptionally well or monumentally badly.”

My widgie is going to go bold red pretty quickly, in fact, it’s red now because it’s past midnight wherever the NaNo clock resides! But that’s okay. I deal with the stress of real-life deadlines year-round, so don’t need a fake one. Last year was great – 1,000 words a day was doable and I even think a marketable project came out of it once I had valuable critiques and plenty of time to revise.

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  1. Denise lynch says:

    This is great and sounds like you are taking your time, by doing at night.

    1. Robin Koontz says:

      Thanks Denise! It’s a motivator for sure.

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