The Farkle Family

Some of us remember Laugh In’s Farkle Family, featuring Frank, Fanny, Sparkle, and the predicable Flicker (Hiiiiiiiiiii!). My mom’s sister in the Carmel, CA area adopted the idea for our left coast branch of relatives. She hosted many a Farkle Family Reunion, her favorite I think was the annual Easter egg hunt. She was Flo Farkle, I was Fanny, and her husband was Fart. I forget who else was whom.

This past week I traveled to reunite with the extended Farkle Family, and while we have lost a few beloved members of the F clan, the party goes on. And it gets crazier thanks to the new Farkle generation who carry on the tradition of being a unique, outspoken, and interesting bunch of folks. I was exhausted after just a few days.

Flo Farkle will be 91 in September, and made me swear not to put the photos I took of her on Facebook. So I’ll put one here on my blog and link it to Facebook. To my defense, this is not even my photo. It was taken by cousin MA Farkle, who did not instruct me not to steal it so there you go. We Farkles are honest, really we are.

In this photo, Flo is laughing because another member of the Farkle clan just announced that he “googled” himself today. It’s always good to explain these terms to people who still read the 1968 World Book.

It was a wonderful trip – great to see the old Farkles and also meet new Farkles I’d only heard about. Most of all I enjoyed many hours of visiting with Flo. We visit all the time via Land Line, but in person it was a chance to see her so content in her comfortable canyon homestead. All her favorite things are preserved and treasured. She looks at certain things at least once a day, remembering the people she loved and outlived including a son, a husband, a brother, and a sister.

I hope Flo Farkle gets to stay and enjoy her domain until they cart her away in a box. I know that’s what she wants. Don’t we all?

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  1. Denise lynch says:

    P.s. she looks amazing for her age!

  2. Denise lynch says:

    That was such a nice way to put it all I enjoyed reading thanks for sharing D

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