Inspirational photos

This photo, by my talented cousin Meredith Mullins, has been hanging in our house for about 35 years. It is the attic of the Mullins homestead in Carrollton, Alabama, long since torn down. The Ghost House had a long family history and inspired one of my middle grade novels, Cherish. While the story is about someone else’s family, I incorporated a lot of family lore and traditions. Like how to play roly holy, how to catch a fish, and how to make snickerdoodles.

Cherish is back to the drawing board for another round of revisions. I was told by several editors that the writing was good, but the story was just too sad. I decided to leave Cherish for now and move on to a happier story, Hot Walker. While there are sad moments in this one too, everyone wins in the end – well, not the bad guys. After I posted a cover idea in a previous post, I found a better photo. So, here is another cover, with Wiley (red hair!) and her beloved Bellissimo. It makes me smile to look at it, even though I haven’t even convinced an agent to read the entire manuscript.


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