In case you’re keeping score

This is #4 of the four book covers that were due January 8, now due December 31. Our man Paul and Babe were accepted, which worried me a little, so here is an almost finished final for the last of the four. I’m pretty sure you can guess the subject of this spoof. I’ll futz more tomorrow and then take a couple days off! Is there a holiday this weekend?

This is the second time I’ve put a packrat in a story. The last was the subject of the mystery in a Furlock and Muttson early reader that came out in 2010.

Coincidentally, a packrat created an amazing midden in our barn recently. I need to post a photo of that before we tear it apart and retrieve our stolen treasures. She or he has since been captured and released at our neighbor’s house.

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  1. fyodorevsk says:

    Outstanding. !

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