You’re not done yet?

A wonderful friend saw the sketches for the four covers I’m working on and was shocked that I still had work to do. “Those aren’t the finals?”

Yeah, well, no. This one took about eight hours, and it’s not done yet. Why do simple line drawings take so long? They’re just cartoons, after all. I don’t know, lots of decisions and messing about with possibilities. Making sure the text will fit, trying to make it interesting so a child will want to read the book. Stuff like that. And, I don’t draw people.

This bit of reality that even well-meaning people often don’t get reminds me of something Susan Long, another dear friend and a true artist, said. When questioned about the price of one of her *quick* line drawings, she said, “This took me 45 years and 15 minutes to complete.”

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  1. K.T. Lund says:

    unfruitful search ends before I reach “Not done yet.” But I loved traveling the unfruitful path anyway.

  2. K.T. Lund says:

    Will I ever be done? Why can’t I find the path to “not done yet.” I am sure it would be a beautiful place if I ever arrived there. KT

  3. K.T. Lund says:

    I also love the way you use color and how all your pictures connect with me and my experiences.

  4. K.T. Lund says:

    And I admire your pictures and the stories they imply.

  5. K.T. Lund says:

    I am afraid to log in because I’m confused about how to go on. I recently became a member of Facebook, but I regret that. I have to much I need to write to spend time on Facebook so I hope the people who befriended me will just delete me. I will await clues or just your sage comments among the bamboos not among the sage. This is a joke. KT

  6. K.T. Lund says:

    I like this post because I like the man with his friendly eyes and sweet smile. I like the curious bull with his small eyes, and I like the energetic kid. The bamboo forest I was in while living on the edge of the Rift Valley in Ethiopia looked different than this bamboo forest but that doesn’t matter. The feeling with the trees and rocky crag are basically the same. You can tell I’m neither an artist or an illustrator but I know what makes me feel good and this picture does.

  7. K.T. Lund says:

    I really like these drawings and the bright colors. I saw some at Silver Falls but not all. You’re really onto something innovated. KT

    1. K.T. Lund says:

      Robin, I have looked at your drawings and commented on them and admired them and connected with them. But you said I wasn’t done yet. Can you give me a clue on where I go from here? i must confess that Nate is the artist. All I can do is doodle at a low level. I was so bad in art that my fourth grade teacher hid my work in the cupboard and I was relieved.

      But I do love looking at picture books and connecting with them.

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