Amazing Animal Skills! Five Titles Coming Soon…

August 26, 2010

Cover from Spits and Squirts
My new nature series will be released in 2011! The series is called AMAZING ANIMAL SKILLS and includes five titles:
SPITS AND SQUIRTS – How Animals Squirt to Survive
SNIFFS AND STINKS – How Animals Use Odor to Survive
SCREAMS AND SONGS – How Animals Communicate to Survive
LEAPS AND CREEPS – How Animals Move to Survive
MOVERS AND SHAPERS – How Animals Build and Use Tools to Survive
These are 48 page books for young readers that cover a lot of amazing examples of animal behavior and abilities. It took a while to sell this idea, but after grossing out a number of editors, Marshall Cavendish/Benchmark gave my books a home. I am very excited to see them all come together!

Cover from Sniffs and Stinks

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